UK MP Oliver Colvile gives ‘Thumbs Up for Gibraltar’
The Vice Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Royal Marines, Oliver Colvile MP, has given a thumbs-up for the UK campaign to award Gibraltar the George Cross.
Posted on 11 September 2013

ERG announces ‘Your Rights – Spanish Law’ Guide
Human and Civil Rights organisation Equality Rights Group has announced a booklet Guide it has published entitled ‘Your Rights – Spanish Law’ which it will be making available and distributing free of charge to all as from National Day.
Posted on 4 September 2013

Immediately, on the first day of launch, “Panorama’ (one of Gibraltar’s two daily newspapers) has already pledged support for our ‘Thumbs Up for Gibraltar’ campaign – with its central call to award the George Cross to the People of Gibraltar.
Posted on 20 August 2013

Joint launch of ‘George Cross for Gibraltar’ campaign in UK – ERG & Plymouth group coordinate
  Equality Rights Group in partnership with Plymouth & South West England Friends of Gibraltar Group have today announced the start of ‘Thumbs Up for Gibraltar’, a campaign aimed, in its first stages, at generating public support
Posted on 19 August 2013

ERG ready to take the pressure to Spain
Chairman Felix Alvarez speaks to GBC. Scroll to approximately 8:10.
Posted on 2 August 2013

We will take the pressure to Spain!
‘Equality Rights Group is ready to take the pressure to Spain if need be,’ Chairman Felix Alvarez has stated today in a communiqué to the Press.
Posted on 31 July 2013

Tickets for Pride Sat 15th June 10pm-5am at spectacular venue Dusk, Ocean Village are almost literally FLYING! Priced £10, you can get them from Khubchands or WH Smiths (Casemates).
Posted on 7 June 2013

Gibraltar’s first-ever Pride event announced
‘ERG-GGR is pleased to announce that, this year, Gibraltar will be celebrating its first ever official Pride event on Saturday 15th June.
Posted on 4 June 2013

ERG-GGR unveils official Diversity Flag
Equality Rights Group has today made public the design of its official diversity flag.   ‘We have worked on the design for some time now. And have taken the appropriate steps to ensure the legality of such an undertaking.
Posted on 29 May 2013

ERG Chairman thanks Gibraltar & supporters
Following the successful celebration of International Day Against Homophobia recently in Gibraltar, the Chairman of ERG-GGR, Felix Alvarez, has taken the opportunity to issue a statement of ‘deep gratitude’ to ‘Gibraltar as a whole – and to
Posted on 20 May 2013