Our vision: Civil Society

Equality Rights Group (GGR) has a clear vision: human and civil rights for all. In this, strengthening Civil Society forms a fundamental tenet of our vision. Working together, expressing and showing solidarity one for the other is what motivates and energises the work of the group. We no more accept that, as an initially ‘gay’ organisation we should be held to be ‘ineligible’ to lead on wide human and civil rights issues in our Community, than Jews or non-EU citizens should be held to only qualify to raise their voices on religious or immigration issues.

Human Rights are indivisible. We cannot stand fighting our little corner, our own interests, but conveniently turn the other way when someone else is suffering an injustice.

Let us come together, therefore, in building Civil Society.

In a constitutional Democracy such as Gibraltar, we have an Administration (government), an independent judiciary (the Courts), and a legislature (Parliament). But without a strong Civil Society, a vital pillar of Democracy is missing: people’s voices. It is not enough to elect politicians once every 4 years. The voice of Civil Society is crucial in order to hold Power accountable – and to make sure Gibraltar continues to progress towards a society which always has the rights of people at the forefront.

Sovereignty of a People must always go hand-in-hand with the sovereignty of people. Self-determination must be a principle that filters all the way through our society just as surely as no Democracy is legitimate without free and open elections and universal suffrage.

Whether straight, gay, lesbian, trans, disabled, young, elderly, non-EU or any other status: join us by raising your voices, working with each other, keeping an eye out to always make sure the People we are and the people we love move forward in progress and democracy!