ERG/AOP announce election results and criticise GHA ‘mandarins’
Equality Rights Group (ERG)/Action on Poverty (AOP) recently held elections to its top Officer posts on its joint Executive.
Posted on 7 February 2023

ERG/AOP urges Picardo to not allow UN International Holocaust Memorial Day to slide in public importance
  “For us at ERG/AOP, the pivotal importance to the community of Gibraltar of marking the annual commemoration which is the UN International Holocaust Memorial Day cannot be overstated’, Equality Rights Group/Action on Poverty Chair, Fe
Posted on 20 January 2023

ERG/AOP says Equality Ministry ‘has stagnated’
‘Brexit and the Covid pandemic were valid reasons for delay in their day but, by now, have become worn-out excuses for stagnation in equality and justice in Gibraltar’, Equality Rights Group (ERG)/Action on Poverty (AOP) Chairma
Posted on 6 December 2022

ERG calls for individual MP voting records to be made available
‘When it comes to providing information, we want Parliament to be more open and responsive to the public than it currently is,’ Equality Rights Group has said in a press release today, adding that ‘It’s the People’s House.
Posted on 5 December 2022

Gibraltar: a disabled society
Another year has passed and once again the 3rd  of December is upon us. It’s an annual flare which, from 1992, has lit up and marked the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disability.
Posted on 3 December 2022

Marking UN Disability Day, ERG/AOP criticises ‘social stagnation’ in Equality
  ‘Every 3rd of December, the United Nations reminds the world how far down the list of their concerns the rights of disabled persons are.
Posted on 3 December 2022

We call for government to ‘Stop the Pain’
‘A good number of elderly and vulnerable people have been coming to us over the past months following government’s removal of a large number of pain relief medications from its prescriptions policy,’ Lyana Armstrong-Emery, Poverty Coordinator
Posted on 28 November 2022

‘Conflict isn’t always the news,’ says ERG/AOP
Matthew Turnock, Disability Coordinator for Equality Rights Group/Action on Poverty, has today praised ‘the receptiveness demonstrated by the management of the ICC shopping centre on what had become a pressing disability issue.
Posted on 10 November 2022

ERG/AOP ‘shocked by removal of disabled facility’
  Equality Rights Group (ERG)/Action on Poverty (AOP) have expressed ‘strong dismay at reports that a severely disabled person and their elderly father allegedly had to struggle badly to use the toilet at a downtown shopping centre.
Posted on 8 November 2022

An immoral economy?
Preface: Felix Alvarez OBE, Chair, Equality Rights Group/Action on Poverty We should, perhaps, be renaming this article ‘In Our Opinion’.
Posted on 20 October 2022