How will Air Agreement changes affect elderly & disabled?
Reacting to recent news that EU Regulation No.
Posted on 17 March 2013

Equality Rights Group ‘watchful’ on GGCA President warning
‘We are most concerned following reports that Wendy Cumming, President of the GGCA Union, has been allegedly warned to resign her post on the Executive of the Union following a recent social media comment,’ Equality Rights Group Chairman Felix Al
Posted on 12 March 2013

Alvarez targeted by Hate Organisation
Felix Alvarez, Chairman of Equality Rights Group has been singled out for attention by an infamous US-based hate organization aiming to promote radical ‘christian’ values.
Posted on 5 March 2013

See it! Film it! Change it!
SEE IT! FILM IT! CHANGE IT!: You are not powerless. Civil society in Gibraltar, as elsewhere, should learn how to effectively use witness videos as a means to promote public action through the media, the web, and in the Courts.
Posted on 5 March 2013

St Valentine’s welcome to Civil Partnership
‘It’s fitting that on the occasion of St Valentine’s Day, Equality Rights Group should welcome the recent public announcement from Minister Samantha Sacramento regarding the drafting of the proposed Civil Partnership Bill,’ a group Spokesman
Posted on 15 February 2013

Equality Rights Group launches online
Equality Rights Group GGR has launched itself across the internet in a set of new platforms under the theme ‘Join the Conversation’: a website on www.equalitygib. org, on Facebook (‘Equality Rights Group’) and on Twitter @equalitygib.
Posted on 11 February 2013