Executive Committee

Equality Rights Group GGR firmly believes in the importance of civil and human rights to the development of Gibraltar. We welcome everyone’s participation and involvement in furthering these rights as a community. We are a human rights voice – a project which commenced to advance the rights of the gay and lesbian community, but one which as a result of public demand, widened out to cover the whole field of human rights. Human Rights are, after all, indivisible – you cannot carve out a corner for yourself whilst ignoring the rights of others. This understanding is the corner stone to our work as an organisation.

Together, then, we can all participate in making it OK to stand up – each in our own way – for a more open, tolerant, and caring society. Gibraltar needs a human rights presence. As a Group, we are determined and committed to leaving a better legacy for the next generation.

Executive Members

The Group is managed and administered by an Executive Committee limited to a maximum of seven members. To guarantee consistency and stability, three Executive Officers are elected to post for 5 year terms. Voluntary members to the Executive are elected on an annual basis. They may serve for shorter or longer periods of time.

Presently, the Executive Officers are:


Chairman Felix Alvarez OBE

Charles Trico

A recent photo of current Executive Committee members:



From left to right: Charles Trico, Ian Bonham, Felix Alvarez, Steven Latchum, River Mills, Danica Field & Daz Martinez