Poll: Regulation of drugs in Gibraltar?
Thank you kindly for participating in this anonymous Poll. It’s open from 01 June till midnight 30 June 2017. A quick word here: you’re not obliged to read any of the stuff below.
Posted on 1 June 2017

Gibraltar: politicians and political parties
   How do they fund their Parties & Election Campaigns? Who are their biggest donors? And how much do the donors ‘donate’? Why are these things not open to public knowledge? Who owns Gibraltar’s wealth? Who are the richest 20 Gibralta
Posted on 30 May 2017

Injustice in Justice?
Extract 07: Speech Chairman ERG 17 MAY 2017 I also believe that our involvement in the protection of fundamental rights is unambiguously necessary. Through ignorance or indifference we can be unconsciously complicit with their erosion.
Posted on 26 May 2017

Poverty in Gibraltar
 Extract 06: Speech Chairman ERG 17 MAY 2017 Poverty is, ofcourse, relative. The total destitution of people living on a Dollar a day in some unfortunate parts of this planet is not what we mean by Poverty in Gibraltar.
Posted on 25 May 2017

Drugs Reform in Gibraltar
Extract 05: Speech Chairman ERG 17 May 2017 Equality Rights Group could have sat pretty through all of this. We had achieved ALL of our founding year 2000 campaign objectives. Not one remains unachieved.
Posted on 23 May 2017

Are the Media in Gibraltar independent?
Extract 03: ERG Chairman’s speech 17 May 2017 This section ponders why both the Public and our Media Professionals need to pose some questions.
Posted on 21 May 2017

Who did you vote for in 2017? Your results in the Sweet & Sour Poll
No, you don’t have to wait 4 years to make your feelings known any more! So: who did you vote for this time? Which MP did you most approve? Which MP received your sour lemons? And should Gibraltar be integrated into Britain? All is
Posted on 18 May 2017

TRAPPED: the story of Ms X. In her own words. Open appeal to the Chief Minister.
17th May 2017   Dear Chief Minister, BACKGROUND: I’m a single mother. I have a daughter. She is 12 years of age.
Posted on 17 May 2017

ERG & Unite celebrate Civil Society
Equality Rights Group has announced its annual Independent Civil Society Awards event, which is taking place this coming Wednesday 17 May at the Garrison Library. A total of 7 awards will be presented this year.
Posted on 15 May 2017

ERG marks World Press Freedom Day
‘Since 1991 and the Windhoek Declaration on media pluralism and independence, the 3rd of May each year has been designated by the U.N.
Posted on 3 May 2017