Praise for "special role of MEP Graham Watson"
Equality Rights group GGR made public today via the media copies of letters written by European parliamentarians to the heads of both GB Airways (franchisors of British Airways on the Rock) and Monarch Airlines requesting assurances that disabled pas
Posted on 14 February 2006

GGR calls for Judicial Review Fund
Equality Rights group GGR is calling for the establishment of a Judicial Review Fund to be set up as an independent legal charity or trust, according to a press release today.
Posted on 8 February 2006

GGR accuses Government of pre-Election panic
Commenting on the Chief Minister’s recent media statements regarding the Rosia Tanks campaign, Equality Rights group Chairman Felix Alvarez has said that “Whatever spin Mr Caruana may attempt to throw at the public on this matter, the facts speak
Posted on 7 February 2006

EU to consider Gib’s unequal age of consent
The European Union is concerned at the discrepancy between Gibraltar’s unequal age of consent laws, according to Equality Rights group GGR.
Posted on 1 February 2006

GGR Chairman tells EU "Gib Government must comply with the law!"
In a statement today, Equality rights group GGR has informed the press that Chairman Felix Alvarez presented a formal complaint concerning the Gibraltar Government to Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini (pictured left with Mr Alvarez).
Posted on 29 January 2006

Caruana didn’t lift a finger – but EU President WILL now review offending Regulation!
Arriving in Gibraltar on Thursday evening following a trip to the European Commission in Brussels and meeting with Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini, Social Affairs Commissioner Vladimir Spidla and MEPs Glyn Ford (Labour), Michael Cashman (Labour)
Posted on 26 January 2006

GGR: "We shouldn’t even be having to do this Petition!"
GGR’s Abuse Issues Coordinator, Annette Vallejo, has today announced that the group’s Sex Offenders Petition campaign has once more started to collect signatures of support – “a Petition we shouldn’t even be having to do!”“In the coming
Posted on 21 January 2006

Alvarez to meet EU Commissioner next week
Equality Rights group GGR has today revealed that Chairman Felix Alvarez (left) will be flying to Brussels at the end of this week in order to meet with Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini following the recent exclusion of disabled Gibraltarian trav
Posted on 18 January 2006

EU air disability moves against Gib "wholly unacceptable"
Felix Alvarez, Chairman of Equality Rights group GGR, has reacted to news of an EU air measures Regulation to come into law this Summer and which allows that provision for disabled air passengers contained in that law be disregarded as far as Gibralt
Posted on 16 January 2006

Government failed Gibraltar in 2005
In an end-of-year statement, Felix Alvarez, Chairman of Equality Rights group GGR (pictured) has said that the year 2005 has been “a year of failures and a widening gap between ordinary workers and the well-off on issues across the board on the par
Posted on 31 December 2005