Government is doing itself no favour!
Equality Rights Group GGR has today questioned Government handling of the various procedural issues related to the employment and immigration status of the President of the Moroccan Community Association.
Posted on 30 August 2006

New Constitution is a bad move for Gibraltar!
Equality Rights Group GGR has today commented on recent remarks by Chief Justice Derek Schofield in which he expressed the Judiciary’s disappointment that the proposed new Constitution should not have fully incorporated the European Convention of H
Posted on 6 August 2006

We welcome retirement of TG District Officer
Equality Rights group GGR has today welcomed the announcement of arrangements for Luis Montiel’s departure from the post of TGWU District Officer as of next month, saying that “it is good to see that Union Headquarters has arranged for the happy re
Posted on 20 June 2006

Nothing positive about new political party!
Equality Rights group GGR has commented on the launch of ex Government-Minister Keith Azzopardi’s recently launched new political party by saying that “It is in our view fair comment to say that to believe that a politician who has occupied the h
Posted on 9 June 2006

GGR supports Union
Reacting to recent exchanges between TGWU Branch Officer Charles Sisarello and Minister Bernard Linares, Equality Rights group GGR has supported the Union in what it says is “an effort to bring the Union back to its members and which all those work
Posted on 21 May 2006

Full text of our report to the EU
RIGHTS IN GIBRALTARIntroductionGibraltar is a dependent territory of the United Kingdom. It forms part of Her Majesty the Queen’s Dominions, but not part of the United Kingdom.
Posted on 17 May 2006

Our EU Report goes public!
Equality Rights group GGR has today made public a report (below) developed upon the request of the European Commission and entitled “Rights in Gibraltar.
Posted on 17 May 2006

Government owes Gibraltar an explanation!
Felix Alvarez, Chairman of Equality Rights group GGR, has today expressed concern regarding information that Ocean Village Investments Ltd is said to be purchasing Marina Bay Complex Ltd, thus taking control over the two existing marinas in the area
Posted on 3 May 2006

Public Commission should review Police laws!
In a press release today, Equality Rights group GGR has called on the new Commissioner of Police to “balance courage with caution in plans for modernisation of the RGP and in proposals for new legislation.
Posted on 24 April 2006

Usual State Sovereignty red herring!
Equality Rights group GGR has reacted to news coming out of the last Constitutional Reform negotiation meetings in London last week by saying the outcome “comes as no surprise whatsoever since everything stays exactly as it was before! In other cou
Posted on 18 March 2006