A Gibraltar MP at Westminster – your thoughts?
Let’s start at the beginning: what is ‘Integration’? ‘Integration’, in this context, is the idea that Gibraltar’s status would no longer be that of an “Overseas Territory’ (as is the case today), but would be officially changed by the UK to th
Posted on 1 January 2020

ERG pushes back on Political Funding campaign
‘Back in mid-September, Equality Rights Group (ERG) launched its Political Funding campaign with a series of full page advertisements in the Chronicle, a call which has been well received across the community.
Posted on 14 October 2019

Action on Poverty (AOP) starts ‘no more dodging’ campaign
  Action on Poverty (AOP), the anti-poverty umbrella group campaigning for modernisation and reform of the Social Security system, kicks off its community-based campaign tomorrow, Tuesday 8th October from 9.
Posted on 7 October 2019

AOP responds to Picardo: ‘Poverty is the elephant in all our rooms’
Following a statement last week from the Chief Minister reacting to the call from anti-poverty campaign group, Action on Poverty (AOP), primarily regarding private sector pensioners’ and workers’ outstanding concerns, AOP has ‘preferred to
Posted on 16 September 2019

Action on Poverty ‘shocked’ at Chief Minister’s ‘closed mind’
In a statement today, Action on Poverty, the umbrella group comprising the Private Sector Pensioners & Workers Association, Unite the Union, and Equality Rights Group which is campaigning against the existence of poverty in Gibraltar and
Posted on 13 September 2019

As part of questions on a 2015 live tv pre-elections debate between the two contenders at the John Mackintosh Hall, Equality Rights Group’s Chairman called on the leaders of the GSLP and the GSD to disclose who funded their campaigns and th
Posted on 12 September 2019

Politicians: who funds them? ERG calls for ‘no hidden faces’ in political funding
Equality Rights Group has issued a statement at the launch of its most recent campaign emphasizing the slogan ‘’Because it isn’t the politicians who guarantee democracy’.
Posted on 11 September 2019

Action on Poverty meeting Government and GSD
Anti-Poverty umbrella group, Action on Poverty, has met with the Chief Minister, following calls for the Social Security system to be reformed “and brought up to date,” Spokesman Felix Alvarez stated. “We are also talking directly with the GSD.
Posted on 25 June 2019

ERG highlights poverty at its 6th Independent Civil Society event
‘Over the past 6 years, the Independent Civil Society event has been growing and developing. This year the event is celebrated on 13th June at the Garrison Library, with pre-event catering in the gardens from 10.
Posted on 12 June 2019

‘Action on Poverty’ says the disadvantaged mustn’t be ignored anymore!
‘Social Security for too many people is, in fact, social in-security. It’s a system that is too inadequate, too secretive, and too complicated for people to understand. This can’t go on,’ says umbrella group ‘Action on Poverty’.
Posted on 4 June 2019