ERG marks World Press Freedom Day
How does press freedom affect you? Amongst other things, it may influence:   1. what you see on tv 2. what you hear on the radio 3. what you read in the written press 4.
Posted on 30 April 2021

ERG calls government to action on Trade Union law
  In the lead-up to International Workers’ Memorial Day, which commemorates working people who have died in the course of their employment, and ahead of International Workers’ Day on 1st May, Equality Rights Group (ERG) has issued a sta
Posted on 26 April 2021

ERG ‘glad’ to hear Azopardi statement on unvaccinated
  Equality Rights Group has reacted positively to Leader of the Opposition, Keith Azopardi’s recent statement on the rights of the unvaccinated.
Posted on 13 April 2021

ERG congratulates government
Following an announcement by the Chief Minister today that restrictions on freedom of assembly are being lifted, the Equality Rights Group has reacted positively.
Posted on 8 April 2021

ERG welcomes GSD statement
Equality Rights Group’s ‘Back to Democracy’ campaign, which has been calling over several months for a more equitable rollout on the management of the Covid pandemic by government, is encouraged by the recent statement issued on behalf of t
Posted on 8 April 2021

ERG studying legal challenge on fundamental rights
‘While Equality Rights Group (ERG) has consistently welcomed the fact that government, in the exercise of its duty of care to this community, has conducted a careful management campaign with regard to the control of the Covid-19 threat, there c
Posted on 6 April 2021

Many of you have contacted us asking for a high resolution copy of our latest Campaign ad because the one on social media was less high res. Click on the image above and then adjust to whatever size you want.
Posted on 24 March 2021

ERG calls again on CM to restore freedom of assembly
In a press release today, Equality Rights Group (ERG) has said it welcomes ‘the Chief Minister’s approach of managing the pandemic response in proportion to the available evidence in real time.
Posted on 16 March 2021

ERG thanks the public for its ‘overwhelming support’
Commenting on the passing of the Surrogacy Act by Parliament recently, Equality Rights Group (ERG) has thanked the public for the overwhelming support it received on its Surrogacy Bill Campaign.
Posted on 8 February 2021

ERG welcomes Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) diversity moves
‘The announcement that the Royal Gibraltar Police has continued its diversity-friendly structuring with the formation of the Muslim Officers Forum ‘to build upon Diversity, Equality and Inclusion across the service,’ according to it
Posted on 3 February 2021