ERG calls for Constitutional reform to include sexual orientation
  ‘Equality Rights Group (ERG) welcomes statements by the GSLP/Liberal Alliance to the effect that they intend to initiate a process of constitutitional reforms should they be re-elected into government next month,’ Chair Felix Alvare
Posted on 26 September 2023

Frailty – and the ‘P’ word.
Opinion By Felix Alvarez, Chair   One word. One shape-shifting word at the centre of what we don’t much want to see. Yet there’s something vital and unshakeable in us that calls us to respond to vulnerability.
Posted on 21 September 2023

ERG/AOP announces ‘FRENDZ’ street men project
    ‘It’s a small number of people living rough on our streets, but it’s a huge step forward in dignity not only for them but also for us collectively,’ Equality Rights Group (ERG)/Action on Poverty (AOP) Chair Felix Alvarez
Posted on 14 September 2023


Posted on 25 August 2023

ERG/AOP Chairman invites ‘dialogue not tension – and government must react’
‘This is a small community, and we have to do everything we can to live in peace with and for each other, respecting our differences,’ Equality Rights Group/Action on Poverty Chair, Felix Alvarez said in response to reports of an increase in negati
Posted on 26 June 2023

We wish the LGBT+ community well
In a public statement welcoming the celebration of Pride for the fourth time in Gibraltar, Equality Rights Group/Action on Poverty wishes the community a happy and enjoyable day.
Posted on 23 June 2023

ERG/AOP announce election results and criticise GHA ‘mandarins’
Equality Rights Group (ERG)/Action on Poverty (AOP) recently held elections to its top Officer posts on its joint Executive.
Posted on 7 February 2023

ERG/AOP urges Picardo to not allow UN International Holocaust Memorial Day to slide in public importance
  “For us at ERG/AOP, the pivotal importance to the community of Gibraltar of marking the annual commemoration which is the UN International Holocaust Memorial Day cannot be overstated’, Equality Rights Group/Action on Poverty Chair, Fe
Posted on 20 January 2023

ERG/AOP says Equality Ministry ‘has stagnated’
‘Brexit and the Covid pandemic were valid reasons for delay in their day but, by now, have become worn-out excuses for stagnation in equality and justice in Gibraltar’, Equality Rights Group (ERG)/Action on Poverty (AOP) Chairma
Posted on 6 December 2022

ERG calls for individual MP voting records to be made available
‘When it comes to providing information, we want Parliament to be more open and responsive to the public than it currently is,’ Equality Rights Group has said in a press release today, adding that ‘It’s the People’s House.
Posted on 5 December 2022