Sweet & Sour Awards Poll 2017
  DEMOCRATIC WE ARE, DEMOCRATIC WE STAY! ERG launched these Awards for the first time last year, 2016. Why? Because we believe Civil Society (that’s you!) is a vital part of a Rule of Law democracy.
Posted on 4 April 2017

GGR: It is time to talk and be open on sexual health
Equality Rights Group GGR welcomes open reporting and information coming from the UK regarding the situation regarding sexual health issues, in particular the problem of HIV.
Posted on 5 February 2013

GGR supports Unite call for gaming sector union representation
‘Equality Rights Group (GGR) supports and concurs with the call which has been made by Unite the Union regarding the freedom of workers in the gaming industry to belong to trade unions’, Chairman Felix Alvarez has said.
Posted on 23 January 2013

GGR welcomes Govt initiative for elderly & disabled
Equality Rights Group (GGR) has welcomed the initiative by Equality Minister Samantha Sacramento to assign designated reserved spaces for the elderly and disabled for this year’s Cavalcade event.
Posted on 3 January 2013

Alvarez calls on Gib business & finance to be ‘visionary’
Felix Alvarez, Equality Rights group (GGR) Chairman, has sent a message of congratulations to a Financial Services Summit held in London at the global headquarters of the reputed law firm Clifford Chance and supported by US Secretary of State Hilary
Posted on 13 November 2012

GGR welcomes Hernandez inquiry
‘Our society cannot make progress by sweeping difficult issues under the carpet,’ Equality Rights group (GGR) has said in a press statement following the announcement of a Government open inquiry into allegations of malpractice at the Dr Giraldi
Posted on 23 October 2012

GGR welcomes two business initiatives
Equality Rights Group (GGR) has today welcomed the recent decision taken by the La Linea local government to officially declare La Linea a  gay tolerant city.
Posted on 9 October 2012

GGR thanks Chief Minister
In a post-National Day press release, Equality Rights group (GGR) has thanked the Chief Minister for his welcome early visit to the GGR National Day breakfast get-together which the group had announced for and held that morning.
Posted on 11 September 2012

Alvarez: GGR celebrates National Day
GGR says ‘We’re gay but equally we are Gibraltarian and we stand as part of this community’  Equality Rights Group (GGR) is inviting the gay community, their straight friends and families, to meet at 9am at Cheers (Cornwalls Centre) on th
Posted on 5 September 2012

GGR: Discrimination by some businesses must stop
The group says ‘Business must project a more positive image – and we are keen to work closely with them to this end’  ‘We are concerned to be receiving more and more reports about humiliating and discriminatory treatment of gay people
Posted on 17 July 2012