We wish the LGBT+ community well

In a public statement welcoming the celebration of Pride for the fourth time in Gibraltar, Equality Rights Group/Action on Poverty wishes the community a happy and enjoyable day.
“It is regrettable however that Poverty continues to dance in Gibraltar behind the scenes.
‘And we do not forget.
No matter what government may do to sweep the issues under their carpet.
‘Families of different kinds, able-bodied and disabled, are making ends meet week by week not because adequate social security exists in our country, but because multiple organisations provide charity for them.
‘While Government refuses to acknowledge the suffering of a sector of our people, all the while more wealth than ever before is being accumulated at the top.
‘The LGBT+ community understands our position, having ourselves been the motor for the advances over the past twentythree years in Gibraltar. They know we are consistent in our work in favour of justice.
“We look forward to the day when those who now and at long last are finally in full public view and in celebration wake up and equally focus on the needs of the poor and vulnerable. Equality is precisely about that,’ the statement ended.