‘Conflict isn’t always the news,’ says ERG/AOP

Matthew Turnock, Disability Coordinator for Equality Rights Group/Action on Poverty, has today praised ‘the receptiveness demonstrated by the management of the ICC shopping centre on what had become a pressing disability issue. Unresponded to, it could have created even more unhappiness than it unintentionally did’.

‘We brought to public light the question of a failure in provision regarding disabled toilet facilities which had been removed and which were specifically in place for affected users. This removal had caused upset and consternation amongst people who contacted us.

‘In immediate reaction, and having checked on the veracity of the claims, we expressed our deep dismay, reached out to the facility’s management, and looked forward to a positive response from them.

‘It is satisfying to advise users that the matter has now been attended to and fixed. The first floor facility is once more available. Nonetheless, we continue to ask the disabled community to not hesitate to report on any questions that they feel we are able to assist with. In terms of the ICC, we shall be commencing a rapport to discuss suggestions and improvements; an engagement that can only bring cooperation and benefits to all sides.

‘All too often social activism turns negative when people could have sat down and discussed issues that can be resolved.

‘ERG/AOP aims to engage with both decision-makers at a political level and social agents within the community in a positive manner hoping, in the first instance, to talk in reasonable tones with our fellow community. Good faith can exist between different sides, and dialogue is always our first option. Escalation need not always follow; and yet if injustice continues, this organisation will persist in pursuing all peaceful and democratic avenues available to it in support of all those aggrieved by discrimination or unequal treatment.

‘It’s important to note, however, that conflict isn’t always the news,’ Mr. Turnock ended.