ERG launches ‘FAITH’ project


‘Equality Rights Group (ERG) is pleased to have established a new project which reaches out to LGBT+ people. We have already started regular twice-weekly advertisements in the Gibraltar Chronicle (appearing Tuesdays and Thursdays) in which information is given for LGBT+ Christians to be able to contact us. The project is non-political, discreet and confidential.

‘What’s the point of this project?’ the statement asks. ‘Well, over the years we have noted how individuals who happen to be both Christian and homosexual have raised with us the absence of affirming Christian groups. This word ‘affirming’ is really the issue for them, whereby they feel they are invited to form a part of a faith group, only to find the fullness of their lives as both LGBT+ and Christian is quietly overlooked or not fully accepted. People, including people of faith today, want more than toleration. ‘Faith’ as a project aims to provide the support that many still feel to be lacking for a full and healthy physical, psychological and spiritual life.

‘It is with a measure of pain that a number of Christian LGBT+ people find themselves conflicted between their religious faith founded on love and respect for others, whilst remaining a perpetual virtual ‘outsider’ within their groups. ERG opens the door with this project to provide the space for LGBT+ Christians to explore and validate their faith experience without ifs or buts. Hopefully, it will lead to dialogue with others outside the project.

‘As stated in our twice-weekly ads, feel free to contact the ‘Faith’ project on either or by ringing 54038314 in full confidence,’ the statement ends.