ERG/AOP says “Pride was hard won”


A few ERG Committee members with the Governor of Gibraltar and the official Gibraltar Diversity Flag.

Equality Rights Group (ERG) has today welcomed “the arrival of June, a signal month reminding us all how important striving for equality and solidarity must be.

“The freedoms enjoyed today in Gib for LGBT+ people comes as a result of  a hard struggle for a very limited group of people. Those people stood up when it was tough.
‘GGR/ERG is proud to have started a movement for deep change which today means we can have a gay Mayor and governments and parties support citizens’ rights.
“But as with other historical changes, it was those first pioneers in our community that made it possible for others today to enjoy the freedoms they deserve.
“As Gibraltar’s foremost human rights organisation we are proud of our legacy and wish solidarity for all sectors of our community.
“Last but not least, Pride is about commitment to the value of caring. And ERG will always place those high values over and above all others,” the statement closed.