Equality Rights Group appreciates Minister for Equality’s initiative


Samantha Sacramento, MP, Minister for Justice and Equality.

‘Today we can only describe satisfaction in reaction to Minister of Equality, Samantha Sacramento’s swift response to Equality Rights Group’s call this very day for the introduction of Gibraltar legislation to ban sexual orientation conversion therapy,’ Chair of the Group, Felix Alvarez, has said.

‘ERG had made the public call on this campaign approximately a year ago, but we were unaware that the Minister had already set the wheels in motion. It is therefore much to her credit that in no time at all, she has been able to immediately confirm her agreement for the necessary statutory machinery to be in place, with a tentative date set for this very summer.

‘This is excellent news. It is stealthy, it is efficient, and it says a lot about the level of commitment to the eradication of longstanding and unnecessary discrimination. Discrimination which, when lifted as it has been systematically since late 2011, makes a real difference to not only the directly-affected citizens themselves, but to their families, their friends, their children, and to society at large which in due course accrues a higher quality of democratic freedom as a result.