ERG/AOP applauds ‘exercise in responsibility’


The Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, and ERG Chair/AOP Spokesman Felix Alvarez, in talks 11 February 2022.

Commenting on the distribution of Government’s recent ‘Guidance to Citizens’ publication, Equality Rights Group/Action on Poverty (ERG/AOP) has welcomed ‘the transparency on possible scenarios that this signals. While highlighting the on-going positive negotiations being undertaken by Government and the UK with both the EU and Spain on a post-Brexit future for Gibraltar, the booklet also provides citizens with information on preparation for the negatives that could arise in a worst case scenario. We applaud the exercise in responsibility this represents.

‘The detailed guidance offered is, in our view, a welcome sign of the propriety with which the process is being undertaken, and vindicates our previously stated support for it. Stability of just governance into the future is the cornerstone on which coming generations of Gibraltarians will flourish, a core value to which ERG/AOP is wedded.

‘Similarly, and following up on recent discussions with the Chief Minister on 11th February, we have written to him laying out our impact analyses on the economic state of affairs consequent upon both Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic, with specific reference to the effects of inflation, interrupted supply chain problems, and housing as we discuss details of the important questions expressed in our mutual concerns related to protecting sectors most likely to experience hardship in our community.

Further matters of on-going import to the management of civil society well-being, including the Social Security system, and aspects arising out of medical systems and services also formed part of recent engagements between ERG/AOP and Government, Felix Alvarez, representing stated.