Alvarez and Chief Minister discuss ‘ongoing issues’

‘It was a relaxed but important and constructive discussion,’ was the way Felix Alvarez, heading ERG/AOP, put it following a recent face-to-face meeting with the Chief Minister.

‘Without a doubt, the social and political landscape at the moment is complicated and deserves our fullest attention. It is with much reflection and consideration, therefore, that the Chief Minister and I were able to engage to move in a positive direction,’ Mr. Alvarez stated.

‘I was impressed by the CM’s willingness to tackle issues of social hardship and marginalisation on a wide front, to include not only questions of economic exclusion but also issues related to housebound and elderly GHA service users, amongst others. And whilst I must respect confidentiality on the details, I am able to assert an environment of progress.

‘In a scenario wherein Gibraltar is facing a number of important challenges including economically and in its future relations with the EU and our neighbour, Spain, holding onto a resolute but measured approach to the advances that are necessary is the prudent position ERG/AOP are committed to.

‘I will be following up some of the details discussed today in writing with Government, and this will be the subject of a public update in the coming days,’ Alvarez ended.