Desmond Tutu is not dead!


 Equality Rights Group (ERG) has reacted to the recent passing of South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
“His life is an example to us in Gibraltar and around the world. The good that Desmond Tutu has done lives on, even though we are saddened by his death; and for that reason we rejoice at his life,’ Chair Felix Alvarez has stated.
‘Like a beacon, he stood up for justice, non-discrimination, and peace. In a racially unjust and corrupt society, he fought peacefully for restoration and reconciliation. This is a message all people of good faith must hear. Prejudice and discrimination demean and dehumanise us all.
‘And for the much maligned and mistreated African lgbt+ community, Tutu confronted ingrained religious condemnation and ill-will by forthrightly standing unconditionally against the social stream in the defence of the vulnerable.
‘Thank you Desmond Tutu for all the good you have done. We in Gibraltar will learn,’ Mr. Alvarez ended.