ERG in talks with the Governor

In a brief press statement, Equality Rights Group (ERG) has made public that it has recently met and held talks with H.E. The Governor, Sir David Steel.
“We were honoured to have presented Sir David with an institutional-quality Gibraltar Diversity Flag for official use at The Convent. We understand it will be flown for the first time in June 2022 at the marking of Pride Month. We plan a similar presentation for No. 6 in due course,” Chair of the group, Felix Alvarez, stated.
“Sir David was very generous with his time, allowing my ERG colleagues Lyana Armstrong-Emery, Charles Trico and myself the opportunity to thoroughly discuss a number of human and civil rights issues of concern.
“The constructive, very useful and friendly atmosphere and discussions at the meeting, guarantees a continuing fluid and positive relationship between ERG and The Convent as we move forward,’ the statement ends.