ERG ‘fully supports and welcomes’ new Disability Federation

‘Equality Rights Group wholeheartedly supports and welcomes the founding of the Gibraltar Disability Rights Federation. Our backing for the core aim of full ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is solid.

‘While it’s been a long time in finding expression, it is a good day for people’s rights when multiple disability organisations, each with their own specific issues and concerns, are able to join together to work towards the common goal of ratification of such an important legal framework as the UN’s Convention.

‘As Chair of ERG, I have already written to member organisations of the new Federation to offer whatever support, both practical and moral, the Federation may need as it works towards bringing Gibraltar disability legislation up-to-date with the full and total adoption of the Convention in order to bring human and civil rights fully and with no ifs or buts to disabled citizens.

‘Nothing less will do,’ Felix Alvarez added.