Royal Gibraltar Police investigation on homophobia concerns

Feel free to copy, download and proudly display this official LGBT+ flag as your very own Gibraltar-specific rainbow emblem.

As many of you will have been aware, there was a very high level of concern yesterday regarding anti-LGBT comments being posted on local Social Media sites following the announcement of Pride Month 2021 three days ago.
ERG was in receipt of a very large number of representations from you in this regard and, after careful consideration, Equality Rights Group (ERG) approached the Royal Gibraltar Police Commissioner, Richard Ullger, to request an investigation. And we are grateful for his prompt action.
We are today informed that a formal follow-up was indeed undertaken by the Police as a result of ERG’s report; individuals were spoken to and appropriately advised, with ensuing remedial actions undertaken, including the removal of offending comments and statements.
While the sanction of the law is, of course, available when it is breached, a voluntary recognition of inappropriacy can suffice to bring tension to conclusion. ERG is pleased that this has been the case on this occasion but will remain vigilant should repetitions of homophobic offences recur. It is important that the protective laws ERG and our whole community has struggled for so long to achieve be enforced for the protection of all citizens without exception.
ERG especially thanks the public at large for informing it of incidents on this occasion, and also encourages on-going reporting of concerns that may arise at any time, as this assists us in ensuring the safety and right treatment of all members of this community.
Any reports should be forwarded to the ERG e-mail address at
Finally, above is the official LGBT+ flag for Gibraltar. We are confident you will agree it is an attractive emblem. It is free for you to use and reproduce. It was officially endorsed by His Excellency Sir Adrian Johns when Governor of Gibraltar following an open design contest process undertaken by ERG.