ERG ‘pleased with commitment to Trade Union Recognition law’


‘The Chief Minister’s commitment to the definite introduction of legislation to guarantee the recognition of unions by all employers this year is welcomed by Equality Rights Group,’ Chairman Felix Alvarez has stated in reaction to Fabian Picardo’s May Day message.

‘The consultation process engaged in via the Command Paper on this topic was held in abeyance due to the Brexit and Covid situations, but now it’s of satisfaction that we can move forward on this fundamental piece of legislation. It will bring justice to many workers.

‘ERG also takes this opportunity to congratulate all who worked so hard for so long to lobby for progress on this front.’

‘Our only remaining concern is the time it will now take for the Trade Union Recognition Act to reach Parliament and approval. Given that the basis for the Bill already exists, we urge government for a faster rather than a slower timescale. This is far too fundamental an issue for workers, and the waiting has been more than enough.’