ERG welcomes GSD statement

Leader of the Opposition, Keith Azopardi, QC

Equality Rights Group’s ‘Back to Democracy’ campaign, which has been calling over several months for a more equitable rollout on the management of the Covid pandemic by government, is encouraged by the recent statement issued on behalf of the Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD) by party leader Keith Azopardi, in relation to certain aspects of the management of the current pandemic.

‘We are particularly pleased at the note struck by Mr. Azopardi in which he emphasises a number of points: the need for proportionality, the striking of safe but equitable positions with regard to the unvaccinated, and above all the nuances that it is indeed possible to strike in practical support of a humane and fair approach to many of the contentions that, in other countries, have only led to social friction and polarisation and which ERG feels we have an opportunity to avoid in our community.

‘As public opinion shifts, it is good to see Gibraltar’s primary political opposition party taking a committed approach. The logic and reasonableness of extending this to an open statement on the return to freedom of assembly within the same conditions of control as are being applied to all other lockdown restrictions becomes increasingly glaring.

‘While we have received no response to any of our approaches to government on these questions, we remain hopeful that the GSLP/Liberal administration will reach out to proportionality and reason in what has otherwise been the careful management of a serious health crisis,’ the statement ends.