Surrogacy: ERG thanks Government

Archive photo: Chief Minister (C) meets ERG Secretary, Charles Trico (L) and Chair, Felix Alvarez OBE (R)

Following Government’s recent re-publication of the Surrogacy Bill, Equality Rights Group has expressed ‘appreciation and congratulations for the manner in which government have acted with speed and consideration to the urgent needs of surrogate families, and without discrimination.

‘The families that propelled the issue were rightly worried. And ERG salutes them for the valour with which they brought the matter to view and which, in turn, motivated ERG’s Surrogacy Bill campaign. As occurred on this occasion, and as a well-established human and civil rights organisation, ERG will always be at the service of citizens experiencing an unwarranted absence of justice,’ Chair of the group, Felix Alvarez, added.

‘As with all laws, but especially in novel areas of experience such as this for our country, there will always be fine-tuning that may need to take place over time. That will come out in the wash, and I trust that our political leaders will continue to be responsive to developing needs or adjustments. We particularly welcome the announcement that a separate guidance booklet is to be published by government detailing important aspects of surrogacy in order to assist prospective parents.

The statement ended with a reassurance by the group that ‘with its proven experience and determination, ERG is always at the ready to advocate for and on behalf of persons in need in our community’.