ERG thanks the public for its ‘overwhelming support’

Commenting on the passing of the Surrogacy Act by Parliament recently, Equality Rights Group (ERG) has thanked the public for the overwhelming support it received on its Surrogacy Bill Campaign. ‘The public has really connected with the importance of the fight for people’s rights to improve lives,’ the Group said in a statement to media. ‘The penny has dropped in a big way in an important shift of perception and opinion as they notice the cumulative effect of years of positive change.’

‘ERG received a veritable avalanche of supportive messages from people right across the social spectrum encouraging us, significantly, not just on this one issue but, more widely, to continue our on-going work in favour of people’s rights generally,’ the group says.

‘But with regard to surrogacy, the people have connected with the true significance of the new law for people’s lives; and it’s understood it at a touching human and emotional level.

‘However, the greatest plaudits must be reserved for the two families who moved the issues; and whom we do not name out of respect for their privacy. Without their initiative and insistent determination to defend their right to recognised parenthood, this would not have been possible. Because when people of courage stand up for a just cause, there can be no stopping them.

‘Despite the obstacles both families found as they tried to resolve the issues facing them, this did not deter them from persisting in their struggle. And ERG was honoured to step in when requested, to lend its support and liaison to bring the new legal provisions to fruition; and, free of prejudice or ideology, to enshrine the love of parents for their child.

‘Like all new laws, there may be wrinkles which will need to be ironed out over time, and administrations and courts will determine those. As usual, ERG will lend its continued assistance as required. In particular, we fully understand the disappointment felt by surrogate families who, due to the processes of the law which advance over time, find themselves having come to surrogacy earlier than the new legal provisions, and so may not benefit from those opportunities. While this will happen with all new laws, which naturally have fixed timelines, ERG recognises their predicament and invites individuals in this situation to avail themselves of our free service by contacting us. While unable to guarantee outcomes, ERG is at their disposal to advise.’