ERG welcomes Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) diversity moves

Acknowledgment with thanks in advance for use of above image taken from the RGP’s website at

‘The announcement that the Royal Gibraltar Police has continued its diversity-friendly structuring with the formation of the Muslim Officers Forum ‘to build upon Diversity, Equality and Inclusion across the service,’ according to its recent statement, is openly supported and welcomed by Equality Rights Group (ERG).

‘This comes following the assignment some time back of a specific officer to liaise and be responsible for community and internal issues related to LGBT oriented persons. And with whom the group is happy to liaise.

‘All this is a far cry from the difficulties ERG faced in the early 2000’s (when it was still GGR) when we ended up having to walk out of regular liaison meetings with the RGP leadership in protest over the refusal to admit the existence of homophobia in our society, despite acknowledged and very worrying violent incidents against gay people in our community at that time . 

‘Thankfully, this was a position the RGP corrected in later years; indeed the Force was represented on various occasions and events at ERG-organised public events to raise awareness against discrimination. A gesture for which this group was grateful. We therefore support any and all moves the RGP commits to in order to equally acknowledge and protect diverse citizens in Gibraltar.

‘Needless to say, ERG is receptive to any consultations Police may require of us in this direction in pursuit of liaison in the interests of all citizens without exception,’ the statement concludes.