Alvarez asks about Politicians & Political Parties, Media, Poverty and much more: Speech May 2017

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If you want to see a shortened version of the Independent Civil Society Awards event discussing the below issues from the Chairman’s Speech, then click the below link marked ‘Chairman’s Speech’. 

Politicians and Political Parties: Why don’t they reveal sources of funding for their Parties and Election Campaigns?

Distribution of Wealth: How much of Gibraltar wealth and resources is owned by individuals and families? Who are our wealthiest individuals and families – and where does their wealth come from and go to? In mQUESTION MARK 03ost other democracies, this kind of information is public and routine. Why not in Gibraltar?

Poverty in Gibraltar: We cannot deny it: some people in our wealthy society live in a Poverty Trap! Our Welfare System needs to be more human, less bureaucratic and LESS SECRETIVE!

The Media: Does our Media tell us all the truth? And can our Democracy depend on our Media? How ‘free’ are they – how ‘independent’? Are they, perhaps, too closely connected to and dependent on Government? What checks & balances do we have to ensure individuals that are ‘too close for comfort’ to Government don’t also control our communication media? Do we need to come up with a better solution than our present arrangements? Media workers must receive more encouragement and more protections for pursuing the Truth wherever it’s found.

Drugs Reform: Is the War on Drugs really the best way forward?

Injustice in Justice: Why we need to protect the right to legal representation in the Courts. And why Government and the Gibraltar Bar Council need to rethink their arrangements.



2. If you want to see the video of the FULL event (covering the below content), then click on the video link titled ‘Independent Civil Society Awards 2017: Full video’. Below is a list of the items in the video footage in order of appearance.  The time below is indicated so you can scroll to specific content points on the video.

1. Pre-Event Garden reception and interviews with Tamsin Suarez of the Gibraltar Women’s Association and Damian Broton & Steven Walker of Stay Clean (Opening sequences)

2. Introduction & Commemoration of International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO): Mr. Gibraltar, Vincent Acris (Scroll: 2:35)

3. Chairman’s Speech (Scroll: 6:48)

4. Sweet & Sour Awards 2017: Mr Gibraltar Vincent Acris announces the results of the public’s voting on the annual politicians’ Poll (Scroll: 1:01:41)

5. Unite Regional Officer’s Speech (Scroll: 1:04:50)

6. 2017 Awards to: Bart Van Thienen (Scroll: 1:07:09), Nadine & Alicia Muscat (Scroll: 1:08:40), Gibraltar Mental Welfare Society (Scroll: 1:10:43) Nouayba Lamrani (Scroll: 1:12:34), Julio Pons (1:15:53), and Francis Ferro (Scroll: 1:18:23)

7. 10 Minute Rule – brief presentations by community Groups. This year features: Damian Broton & Steven Walker, Head of ‘Stay Clean’ rehabilitation group (Scroll: 1:22:14) & Anne-Marie Struggles/Tamsin Suarez of the Gibraltar Women’s Association (Scroll: 1:32:54).

8. Surprise Award: to ERG Secretary Charles Trico for service to LGBT and Human Rights defence in Gibraltar (Scroll: 1:43:32)




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