A Gibraltar MP at Westminster – your thoughts?


Let’s start at the beginning: what is ‘Integration’?

‘Integration’, in this context, is the idea that Gibraltar’s status would no longer be that of an “Overseas Territory’ (as is the case today), but would be officially changed by the UK to that of an integral political part of itself. It has been seen both as a possible way out of the troubles over Spanish claims of sovereignty over the Rock, and towards changing our international standing.

Some people today, however, argue that any type of Integration with Britain is now an outmoded idea that no longer fits the present state of development for Gibraltar and Gibraltarians. In short, they feel that ‘we have come too far’ in developing our own distinct identity to be ‘swallowed up’ by Britain; especially as the Westminster Parliament is made up of 650 MPs, and Gibraltar would be in a tiny minority.

Instead, some suggest that it would be good for Gibraltar to have a seat in the UK Parliament in addition to keeping our own parliamentary set-up. There are others who disagree for a variety of reasons – principally, though, because they either want to be totally integrated with Britain and not have our own Parliament at all, OR because they don’t want any flavour of integration or representation in the UK for fear this will weaken our sense of self-governance and identity.

Though Integration was indeed favourably considered by the UK (and rejected by our then Government) many years back,  today there’s no substantial indication that Britain is in favour of considering any new or different arrangement to what we currently have for Gibraltar’s relationship to the UK. That doesn’t mean that hearts and minds couldn’t be won over in due course, however.GIBRALTAR PARLIAMENT

Obviously, the attractiveness of any offer that could be made by the British Government to Gibraltarians in this regard would depend wholly on the detail. But that’s something we can’t know right now.

In principle, though, what is your current thinking on this question? Is this a direction Gibraltar should be moving towards, in your view? Choose one of the options below that best expresses how you feel on this issue.

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