Action on Poverty meeting Government and GSD

Anti-Poverty umbrella group, Action on Poverty, has met with the Chief Minister, following calls for the Social Security system to be reformed “and brought up to date,” Spokesman Felix Alvarez stated. “We are also talking directly with the GSD.”

“These are early days in the discussions, but the fact that dialogue is taking place with Gibraltar’s parliamentary party leaders and their teams regarding the reform of the Social Security system, is a step forward in robust political good will by all sides. There is much road ahead,  however.

“AOP is driven by a deep sense of responsibility towards the more vulnerable in our Society,  and that sense must obtain on all sides. Yet we are under no illusions. Progress will require nothing less than continued and determined action by this Campaign to ensure all the Community is fully informed of the issues that have, for too long, affected them and their loved ones. This Campaign will grow and strengthen in the coming months, and we’re putting in the groundwork to ensure that is so.

“Our discussions with the Official Opposition, the GSD, have been tabled to commence in the coming days,” Mr. Alvarez continued. “And we look forward to those talks with Dr. Azopardi and his shadow ministerial team, as we engage in discussions as part of a continuing plan to raise awareness of our demand for the eradication of poverty for all affected sectors of our community,” the statement ended.