ERG & Unite the Union in London abortion rights call


Coordinating with Diana Johnson MP (left) and Stella Creasy MP (right)

Representatives from the joint Unite and Equality Rights Group Pro-Choice Campaign have been at Westminster this week to bring attention to the Gibraltar government’s Command Paper proposals on abortion. 
Moira Lombard and Felix Alvarez met with Unite legal and other officials “to consult and ensure we’re all on the same page, and to coordinate,’ the statement says. ‘Separately, at a meeting held in the Parliament precincts, we were able to meet and discuss plans with MPs Diana Johnson and Stella Creasy, both of whom head the move to decriminalise abortion within the Commons. Diana Johnson is leading a Bill proposing decriminalisation of abortion in England and Wales, and has had strong parliamentary backing for proceeding. Additionally, Ms.Creasy is also a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the body which oversees the European Convention of Human Rights and its Court, and we aim to work with her on the broader European front through the Council of Europe

‘In a conference of Pro-Choice activists from across the UK, Alvarez and Lombard shared the official table of speakers to the event and were able to address participants and attendees on discussions regarding the ramifications of the current Command Paper here in Gibraltar. 

‘We have now put in place coordination and networks to continue the Pro-Choice Campaign in full liaison with both Unite the Union at UK level, and also a wide number of organisations and activists across Britain,’ Alvarez and Lombard stated. 

Outside the House of Commons with the Gibraltar Pro-Choice banner.

‘We share the determination of others who support the Pro-Choice stand for women to be able to choose over their bodies,’ a spokesperson for the Campaign added, ‘and the Unite/ERG Pro-Choice Campaign will continue to work to bring the law up to date with the right of all women in Gibraltar (not just some) to decide how to deal with the most intimate of life decisions. In that, we are unwavering and solid. And those in power or seeking to occupy it now have the opportunity to do more than pay lip service to the many women who have clearly shown the way forward to respecting the rights of all women to decide for themselves. 

At the Conference table.