Pro-Choice Campaign marks International Safe Abortion Day


‘International Safe Abortion Day is marked this week. And the Pro-Choice Campaign, initiated and headed by Equality Rights Group and Unite the Union since May this year, is extending its official marking of this important worldwide call for the safety of women everywhere by dedicating a day of further work and planning starting on Thursday 27th and running on to Friday 28th September.

‘There is much still to be done, even beyond legislative amendments, and, with the necessary seriousness and dedication, the Pro-Choice Campaign means to continue planning, studying, and working towards the reconciliation and respect we must achieve across our society on this matter, avoiding (as we have done throughout) confrontation and disrespect.

‘As a formal Campaign organisation, we trust women in the important life decisions they face, regardless of where they stand on this issue. Our commitment is clear: to the delivery of health and safety for all in our society, not just for those who can privately afford the medical and other support they need. Women have always and will always find solutions, yet our concern has to be that these be medically adequate, safe and accessible for all our womenfolk.

‘The Pro-Choice Campaign has been heartened to see how Civil Society has responded over the past months by energetically organising itself on both sides of the issue in a peaceful and democratic manner. We also applaud the lively dialogue and debates that have been held. This is the kind of plural society we must continue building,’ the Campaign’s spokesperson stated. “It is the kind of engagement successful societies depend on, and we fully support and encourage it.’

‘It is therefore fitting that, on the occasion of this international day, we acknowledge the due consideration the Executive and Opposition have dedicated to responding to this community’s concerns on this issue during a period of very heavy agendas with Brexit and a General Election on the near horizons, but also redouble our own commitment to ensuring that Gibraltar, as a mature society, arrives at a satisfactory solution to problems too long staring us in the face.

‘Furthermore, this Campaign looks outwards towards women around the world and stands firm with the International Day of Action for Safe Abortion in calling for all governments, parliamentarians and judges to acknowledge women as full citizens with human rights, whose life choices must command respect and support.’