Pro-Choice Campaign says Government’s proposals are welcome

The Pro-Choice Campaign, headed jointly by Unite the Union and Equality Rights Group, has today welcomed the announcement by Government regarding its intentions to enter into formal consultations with a view to decriminalising the law on women’s reproductive rights by amending the relevant sections of the Crimes Act 2011.

‘Civil Society has proven, once again, that its voice not only matters, but is constructive and crucial to progress in our society. We are encouraged by the multiple voices on all sides that have arisen since the launch of the Campaign.

‘As Government’s statement has acknowledged,  it has been a concern of the first order for the Pro-Choice Campaign that respect for all views be the cornerstone to social dialogue on this issue. Whilst we considered a referendum process inappropriate for a question of human and civil rights,  which must be framed by concern for fundamental moral issues and not numbers, we fully support and, indeed, recommended a democratic exercise of consultation with all parties.

‘This said, both Equality Rights Group and Unite the Union will continue to argue in favour of amending our existing legislation in order to move us away from fear, intimidation and criminal sanction of women, to a more reasonable framework where women’s health, safety and autonomy are a foremost consideration.

‘The Pro-Choice Campaign is therefore appreciative of Government’s announcement and looks forward to continuing the cooperative process of dialogue which has brought us this far,’ the statement ends.