ERG immediately welcomes new Well Person Clinic


Neil Costa, Minister for Health

Equality Rights Group has immediately welcomed the announcement by Minister Neil Costa for the establishment at last of a Well Person Clinic. ‘It has taken a good number of years, but we’ve finally got there,’ the Group added.

‘Since the present Administration came into power in late 2011, we have been urging Government to provide for a Clinic of this type; and it was in early 2012 that ERG first started meeting with then Minister for Health, Dr John Cortes, to propose a sexual health facility to Government. Those discussions and meetings were numerous during the tenure of Dr Cortes in that portfolio and substantially contributed to the forming of the GSLP’s 2015 Manifesto commitments on sexual health.

‘It was gratifying to continue substantive talks on the same issues under Minister Costa when he moved into the Ministry; because through the many meetings we held with Mr. Costa we were able to jointly evolve the initial framework for a sexual health clinic so as to arrive at the formula including not only contraception, prevention and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, but for a broader remit within a Well Person Clinic model more suited to the small community issues that Gibraltar represents, and which has now been announced.

‘Whilst we understand that the consultation process by Government with civil society organisations can be lengthy, the two-way dialogue between community stakeholders and the Administration is always of benefit to all.

‘ERG understands that other NGOs also input into the process and we take this opportunity to congratulate them, too, for their work in attaining a new and real benefit to our community at large. With its introduction, the Well Person Clinic will, hopefully, not only alleviate a spectrum of preventative and curative diagnoses, but also, overcome the question of confidentiality and stigma in a small community such as ours.

‘This announcement is a win-win for all,’ the statement ends.