First: the cheeky intro

This Poll isn’t to everybody’s liking. Oh well, nor is Democracy!

And yet the inconvenient truth is that without the freedom to criticise the powerful without forever treading on eggshells and sucking up to them, democratic societies die. A sprinkling of satire and humour have always done societies a lot of good (Punch in the UK, Charlie Hebdo in France, El Jueves in Cataluña, are just three Western examples). We make no secret of the fact we’d like to see satire reestablished in Gibraltar, we had it in the past! (Are you up for it? Let’s talk!) And the reason we’d like to see satire in our press and media again is simple: because it’s a sign of a healthy, questioning society, nothing more, nothing less!

In reality, the fact that not one politician or Political Party has complained about this Poll, probably means we need to do better! (Bad thought: should we only award sour lemons?)

Second: how to do this

As in the past, the Poll starts with you being able to say ‘I approve’ to up to 3 politicians by giving them a sweet strawberry. When you’ve selected up to three options (and only then), go down to the bottom of the page and press ‘Vote’. If you haven’t finished yet, don’t press this button – or you’ll be automatically taken to the next page – with no return!

To contrary effect, this is also your chance to say no, I don’t like what you’re doing to 3 politicians, too. That’s what the sour lemon vote is all about. The same warning about not pressing the ‘Vote’ button until you’re well and truly ready applies here!

To round off your voting, we have two specific and controversial questions to ask you this year: on surveillance in Gibraltar; and about assisted dying. On both of these questions, you can only choose one answer.

Take a minute to vote. Others are doing what they can to influence the final results! So why not you?