ERG meets CM to resolve delays on Civil Marriage provisions


‘We are assured the delays which have been experienced in the conversion of existing Civil Partnerships to Civil Marriage under section 40 of the Civil Marriage Amendment Act 2016, will soon be a thing of the past,’ Chairman Felix Alvarez has stated in a statement to media issued by the Equality Rights Group. This comes following a previously-announced meeting held by the Group with the Chief Minister.

‘Maintaining a determined but open approach to working with Government and other players in the social field continues to be ERG’s approach, and one we will continue to practise in the interests of delivering real gains for the community,’ Mr Alvarez added.

‘In this respect, an operational date target of next month, May, has been agreed, and we look forward to jointly announcing all details with Government in a press statement at that time. Thereafter, the legal provisions which allow for people who have previously entered into a Civil Partnership and wish to convert their union to a full Civil Marriage will be operational in accordance with the law.

‘The meeting with the Chief Minister was welcoming and wide-ranging, and held in an atmosphere of positive discourse,’ the statement ended.