ERG ‘stands with the Gibraltar Women’s Association’

On the eve of the first centenary this Tuesday 6 February of the passing of a law which finally partially conceded the right to vote for women, the Equality Rights Group Chairman, Felix Alvarez, has stated that ERG stands firmly with the Gibraltar Women’s Association in its recent call for legislation which will safeguard the reproductive rights of women in our Community.

‘In 2016 ERG published its report ‘From Town to City’ in which we clearly asked whether women’s reproductive rights status in Gibraltar was that of ‘law or outlaw’. It is time to end that lack of respect for people’s right to choose and make intimate decisions in their private lives. In a Democracy, every citizen has the right to value their lives without interference, judgement or imposition.

‘Whether you’re in favour of reproductive rights or not,’ Mr. Alvarez continues, ‘respecting and valuing others’ sincerely held beliefs and views is fundamental to us all. It is important in the current debate on the question of women’s reproductive rights to listen to the GWA’s message of respect for different people and different choices. Their call, unlike that of those who so loudly insist to the contrary, is neither imposition nor bully tactics, and there’s room enough for us all in Gibraltar today for opinions and lives of many textures.

‘Coercion,’ ended Mr Alvarez, ‘will not intimidate freedom!’