6 February 2018: ERG stands with the Gibraltar Women’s Association

We are nearing the date.

For on 6 February 1918, 8.4 million women over the age of 30 in the UK were finally given the vote under the Representation of the People Act 1918. It was more than a vote for Parliament. It was the chance to touch the world with your own hands and lead it towards embrace. It was a century ago. (Click on the photo to the left to view a short documentary video).

Today, every woman and every man still harbours that intimate margin of self worth and control, without which dignity feels thin. In that very same way, every person properly claims the right to decide the virtues of their own bodies and their own lives without disrespect, interference, judgement or imposition.

Whether you’re in favour of reproductive rights or not, all civilised, respectful members of this Community can agree with the Gibraltar Women’s Association (GWA) in their call for legal dignity for women to make their own informed choices.

Listen to what they say; it’s infused with respect for different people and different choices.

Let’s stand with the GWA and call out those who so loudly insist on imposing their views on others’ lives. In a Democracy, there’s room for opinions and lives of many textures. And the days of the bully are numbered. In Gibraltar, coercion has no place.

And it will NOT succeed in intimidating Freedom!