ERG asks ‘Why is Holocaust Memorial Day becoming so little?’

In a statement ahead of Saturday’s Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration, ERG has expressed ‘concern about the way the Day appears to have diminished in status since its inception in Gibraltar. However, let’s be fair: Government is still marking this special Day this coming Saturday; but it is sad to witness the lower prominence and status we are now according this commemoration. It should rank, in our view, alongside Remembrance Day in importance. Indeed, in 2012 this was how it began,’ the group has noted.

Maintaining the high profile of the event is an essential element of the whole objective, in fact. When ERG first called for the establishment of this commemoration more than a decade ago, we did so out of recognition of the present day relevance of what the Day is saying to us. Whilst respect and remembrance of the dreadful experience of Nazi crimes against humanity is central, no less so is the need to notice, with equal weight and pain, man’s inhumanity in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur. And, more recently and on-going, in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and others. If marking the Day every year has any value at all, it’s not only as a significant, and still painful lesson in history, but also as a living hope in moving Humanity away from evil acts of violence and hate in the present.

‘In a year when the Memorial’s chosen theme is focused on ‘the power of words’, it is disappointing that we appear to be downsizing the felt importance and impact of the commemoration. We urge for this unfortunate trend to be reversed.

‘On this special occasion, ERG reaches out to all the members of our Community, whether of minorities or not, to express our fullest support and solidarity and to thank them for contributing so richly and diversely to our identity,’ the communique ends.