ERG inaugurates Three Owls ‘Rainbow Lounge’

INAUGURATION RAINBOW LOUNGE THREE OWLS BAR IRISH TOWN SAT 11 NOV 2017Equality Rights Group is pleased to have recently assisted in the inauguration of the ‘Rainbow Lounge’ at the Three Owls bar in Irish Town.

‘As a group, we have been reticent in the past to formally endorse or support ventures of this sort, because, primarily, we were unconvinced of the other than for-profit interest behind the project. This occasion is different, however.
‘Of course, the bar is run as a business. But, from discussions we have maintained with Manager Jason Walker (shown centre of photo above, alongside Felix Alvarez and Stuart Pratts), the Rainbow Lounge’s origins are all for the right reasons, aiming to establish a comfortable environment for all, but specifically welcoming to the LGBT community of Gibraltar, and providing a location to meet instead of having to necessarily have recourse to locations across the border.THE THREE OWLS RAINBOW LOUNGE
Addressing the event, Chairman Felix Alvarez wished all the best to the venture, adding that ‘The Rainbow Lounge, we trust, will be a free-of-prejudice, welcoming venue, where people from across the wide Gibraltar community and beyond will encounter warmth. We wish the management success, and judging by the friendly, lively and strong attendance on opening night, we’re certain Jason and the Rainbow Lounge can expect a loyal clientèle,’ the statement ends.