ERG tells Garcia ‘Business and Public need reassurance’


‘Theresa May’s Government has for some time now been talking about its ‘Great Repeal’ of all EU-derived primary and secondary legislation as a mechanism for ensuring that Britain’s statute books are in order on final exit day. But what’s Gibraltar doing on this same question?’ the Equality Rights Group has asked in a press release. ‘Today we are calling for the Deputy Chief Minister, Joseph Garcia, to clarify where we stand on the issues arising from this matter.’

This comes after the British government postponed further debate at Westminster this week on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.

“People both in Britain and in Gibraltar are growing weary of the continuous pinch of uncertainty,’ ERG says.

‘Many of our supporters and members, from both the business sector, civil society organisations and the general public, have been approaching us since the Brexit Referendum took place in June 2016 to enquire what the situation will be for us in Gibraltar upon Brexit taking final effect. Our answer to date has been to explain the process was still on going, and to give Government time to make an announcement on the specifics of the legislative situation.’

‘Minister Garcia is responsible for Europe and affairs related to the UK’s Brexit process, and it is for this reason that we have now considered it proper to write to him directly, calling for public light to be shed on this matter.’

‘We trust the Gibraltar Government will have been drafting plans for dealing with the statutory ramifications of Brexit, and, almost sixteen months since the Referendum took place, those mechanisms and their scope now need to be made public, as indeed already happened in the UK a while back.’

‘In the midst of so much disquiet in the overall Brexit process thus far, it is time for Gibraltar businesses and the public to be provided at least a measure of clarity on what its own Government intends to do on this specific matter, because there are many citizens and enterprises out there who are currently wondering how they will be affected. Government should now satisfy their need for reassurance without further delay,’ the statement added.


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