ERG applauds Sexual Health policy improvements


Reacting to news that the Minister for Health, the Hon Neil Costa, MP, has announced new arrangements for the availability of the Morning-After Pill and other measures regarding contraception in Gibraltar, Equality Rights Group has welcomed the move.

‘Since 2012, ERG has held on-going talks on improving the GHA’s service on sexual health, aiming to deliver a more positive, more open, less stigmatized approach to contraception, HIV/Aids, and a wide array of sexual health issues which are, after all, purely and simply, medical issues.

‘We are pleased that, finally, a step forward has been taken to rationalize this area of medical treatment and support and bring it up to the standards of a modern, 21st Century society where citizens in a secular society such as ours are treated as grown-ups who are able to make their own choices, and science is applied publicly, whilst private religious or moral issues are respected privately.

‘ERG will continue to press Government to continue improving and modernizing health care in this field of sexual health. There is a way to go before we can proudly say we are no longer hiding the issues away in some obscure facility, but rather dealing positively and openly with a matter that, for lack of open discussion and institutional focus, has remained bunged up in secrecy and guilt for far too long,’ the statement ended.