ERG praises and welcomes Encyclopedia of Migrants Project

“IMIGRANTS ENCYCLOPEDIA -MORE LARGEt’s an amazing, quality project,’ the Equality Rights Group have said following the inauguration of a European project involving participating host Jennifer Ballantine and her Garrison Library team. The Reception was held at City Hall in the presence of Gibraltar’s Mayor (on the right, photo below). ‘It’s a project where Art meets (and is) Activism!’

“ERG is honoured to be humbly and briefly contributing to the discussions on the theme of migrants at the Conference at the Garrison Library over the coming days.  We are much impressed by the very respectful manner in which the project artfully deconstructs the dehumanised attitudes real individuals fleeing oftentimes disastrous conditions too frequently face from the rest of us.

“ERG,” adds the Group, “take our hats off to all the dedicated and talented people who have worked so hard on this notable artwork in empathy and recommends you visit the Project’s website here.