Sweet & Sour Awards Poll 2017




ERG launched these Awards for the first time last year, 2016. Why? Because we believe Civil Society (that’s you!) is a vital part of a Rule of Law democracy. You, not just the politicians and Parties, must decide. Last year, we pledged to turn this anonymous Poll over to you, the public, as from 2017. So here you have it. Go ahead – and vote!

There are two pages for voting: first, the ‘Strawberry’ votes (approval) and then go on to the ‘Lemon’ votes (disapproval). 

At the very end, there’s a bonus: a chance to indicate your views on a single, broader question.

So, think about your choices. This poll, though injecting an element of informed humour too often absent in politics, is nonetheless serious in intent and encourages respect towards the democratic process and individuals, aiming thus to strengthen Civil Society (once again: that’s you!)

More detailed ‘How To’ Poll Rules further down the page.

Closing date: Midnight 10th May 2017

The Rules & ‘How To’:

This Poll allows you to express satisfaction with (sweet strawberries) or disapproval of (sour lemons) our elected politicians.

Below is a full list of all the MPs you voted into our Parliament at the last elections, along with the parliamentary salaries you currently pay them (they’re your employees, after all!) They’re in alphabetical order. Are you happy with them? Are they value for your money? Use your vote to show your pleasure or displeasure at what they’re saying, what they’re doing, what they’re NOT saying, and what they’re NOT doing!

Last – but not least – at the end of the Awards Poll, you will be asked to express your Opinion on an important issue. This year it’s about whether Gibraltar should be integrated into Britain. Yes or no. Easy!

You can choose up to 3 individuals in each category. First, you will be asked to select your ‘Strawberry’ votes. Once you’ve clicked on those, go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Vote’. You will then automatically be shown the ‘Sour Lemons’ page. Again, follow the same procedure, then go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Vote’.

Your vote is totally anonymous; and the system is designed to obstruct multiple voting by any one individual. So don’t waste time! And tell others to participate, too!

This is not a vote of Party or ideological loyalty (whether we voted for them or not, politicians can let us down or favourably surprise us once elected!) Nor is it a vote of hatred. It is a commitment to keep power accountable whether in elected government or opposition (and yes, that includes independent MPs!) And not just every four years – or when the politicians decide for you. If, despite the public rhetoric, politicians don’t give you satisfaction once in Parliament, this is your chance to have a voice. Likewise, if they have lived up to their electoral promises and convictions, you can reward them with your approval. Both are equally valid and democratic.

Those are our standards, and we’re sticking to them!


Results will be announced at ERG’s annual Independent Civil Society Awards event scheduled for 17 May 2017.

Our acknowledgements and thanks to all sources for use of  illustrative  images.