ERG launches political Poll


 ‘Democratic we are, and democratic we stay! Gibraltar will not be silenced! We will not be derailed by Spain or anyone else. We will continue to defend our best values, regardless,’ Equality Rights Group Chairman Felix Alvarez stated as he announced the holding of the group’s ‘Sweet & Sour’ Political Poll for the second year in a row.

‘It’s nothing more nor less than business as usual, whatever’s thrown at us,’ Mr. Alvarez added. ‘We won’t be deterred; because fighting for the right to self-determination in an open society is what Gibraltar stands for. And it is a core mission of ERG to encourage and foster the voice of Civil Society in our country to hold our politicians to account.’
‘Last year for the first time, we initiated the Poll as part of our annual Independent Civil Society Awards event held each May. But we pledged to put it fully in the hands of the Gibraltarian public from this year.
There are two pages for voting: first, the ‘Strawberry’ votes (approval) and then go on to the ‘Lemon’ votes (disapproval). But, hey, don’t run away yet: once you’ve told us what you think about your politicians, there’s one more thing to do: on the third page, we’d like to know if you’re in favour or against Integration with Britain (a Yes or a no!)

Click here now and proceed to vote!

The online Poll allows voters to indicate their approval or disapproval of elected politicians, and also the chance to vote in favour or against Integration with Britain.  It will remain active online until 10th May, with results announced a week later. STRAWBERRIES AND LEMONS GRAPHIC - NO WORDING
‘ERG’s attitude is part of our commitment to fly in the face of Spanish or any other manipulation which attempts to deprive us of the right to decide our own destiny. The best defence against attempts to undermine our Gibraltarian way of life is to uphold our fundamental right to choose. And uniting behind Democracy is the most effective way to tell people who we really are.’