ERG & YGTV launch Gibraltar Caricatures Competition


‘Gibraltar is very political – but it has a sense of humour,’ Felix Alvarez, Equality Rights Group Chairman, said in opening remarks announcing a new annual competition.
‘Humour is the salt of life, and we want to see some democratic fun injected into our local affairs. It’s something we’re currently missing to some extent, but it’s not for a lack of Gibraltarian talent, wit or social intelligence. It’s there, it always has been. But both Your Gibraltar TV and we at ERG want to encourage our artists, caricaturists, and budding commentators to participate this year for the first time in this pioneering initiative.
‘But it’s an unknown to us. So we want people out there to take this seriously, funnily enough! If no participants come forward, there’s no competition. It would be disappointing, but inevitable ofcourse. So it’s up to you out there to contact us and express your interest via using the subject line ‘CARICATURES’. LetCARICATURE BRITISH PRIME MINISTERS GARY BARKER us know! You have until 3 April to get in touch. We will then provide further details about prizes, arrangements and rules,’ Mr Alvarez said.
For his part, Giordano Durante, the Editor of YGTV, said: “I’m very pleased to support this competition. At YGTV, in our regular lighthearted blogs and more serious political opinion pieces, we always encourage creativity, originality and freedom of expression. Although rare in Gibraltar today, political cartoons continue to be an important form of journalism. We’re hoping that this competition will stimulate local artists and satirists to tackle current affairs in a powerful and memorable way.”