ERG condemns Iran on International Women’s Day


‘International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world on 8th March every year as a means to promoting and encouraging the rights of women. This year Equality Rights Group feels a particular need to strongly express its condemnation of societies and countries where the rights of women to be respected is most apparently violated. And it is a matter which has come to roost here in Gibraltar this year.

‘ERG therefore today strongly condemns Iran for its disrespectful violation of women’s right to decide freely on matters concerning their own lives. Dorsa Derakhshani, a young female Iranian chess master who participated last month in the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival, has, according to press reports, now been kicked off the Iranian national team by the Iranian Chess Federation for having appeared at the Chess Tournament in her flowing locks, and not as made obligatory since the Iranian Islamic Revolution of 1979, wearing a necessary hijab.

‘As a Gibraltarian equality, human and civil rights organisation, ERG expressly repudiates this violation of women’s right to choose, and points towards the necessity of speaking out and very clearly against discrimination on this important international day.

‘Local voices need to speak up more openly and more clearly on international matters and extend our frontiers of thought and influence beyond self-limiting barriers. Furthermore, we call on the organisers, sponsors and patrons of the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival to henceforth ban the participation in future years of players from the Iranian national team.

‘It is high time we put conviction for our values above expediency,’ the statement ends.