GGR commemorates World Day Against Child Abuse

“The Public is shocked to find that we are having to collect Petition signatures for a Sex Offenders Register in Gibraltar,” Equality Rights group GGR Chairman Felix Alvarez has stated as they continue what is likely to be a months-long Campaign. “The majority of people find it difficult to understand why Government themselves have not already taken the initiative on this important matter – indeed not now, but years ago as in the UK!” he explained. “Getting signatures is a slow job but we already have 2,500, and it is for this reason that we have pledged to continue our work for many months into the New Year in order to live up to the encouragement and expectations of the Public on this!” Mr Alvarez stated.

GGR also announced that they will be commemorating the World Day for the Prevention of Child Sex Abuse outside both the ICC Building and Morrison’s supermarket this Saturday as part of their continuing Campaign to ask for the introduction of a Sex Offenders Register and the introduction of local laws to protect the community against child sex abuse. Mr Alvarez went on to say that he is “much encouraged by the supportive Public response received, which is beyond any expectations we could previously have had. We still have a great deal of Gibraltar to visit and we are fully confident that the results of our collection will be decisive in making this community’s views plain to Government on this matter. We invite Government to take the initiative and announce appropriate measures for the introduction of a Register and accompanying legislation which will allow better prosecution of child abuse and to give Police the measures they need in their task of protecting this community. Only this way will we know that child abusers within the community and those coming in from outside are being kept tabs on through confidential information systems by the authorities with appropriate follow-up through international exchange of information,” the statement ended.