GGR thanks public for Campaign support

Following its first public Petition event at the Piazza and ICC last Saturday, Equality Rights group GGR has issued a statement of thanks to the community.

“We were gratified to find that members of the public of all ages, political parties and walks of life expressed strong support and encouragement in our campaign for laws and a Sex Offenders Register to be introduced in Gibraltar in order to more effectively protect children from paedophilic crime. In the few hours of the Petition event – and taking into account that the main event of the day was the Freedom of the City Parade – almost 500 signatures were gathered and we wish to assure the public that with their clear encouragement and support this is just the very beginning of this campaign. We thank all those people also who have volunteered to take Petition forms to their places of work and obtain further signatures. We encourage others to do likewise and we are happy to provide all the blank forms necessary for us to make clear the strong feelings which are so evidently held on the subject by this community. GGR will continue with this work for however long it takes in order to achieve the changes this Community and our children deserves!”